How to Quickly Add Text in Final Cut Pro X - FCPX Basics - LUTs Lounge

Final Cut Pro, in my opinion, is a fantastic editor. It is mostly easy to use, organized very well and allows for fast editing and rendering. When I was first learning how to edit in FCPX one of the first things I wanted to learn was how to add a text layer and move it to wherever I wanted it to be in the frame. Sounds simple right? This small task was exciting for me as I was used to using iMovie where the text and title screens were pre-generated and all looked the same. I just wanted the freedom to add a text layer and move it around.

I searched all of the menus and inspectors located in FCPX and still couldn’t find how to add a simple text layer. After numerous searches, I finally found how to do it with an easy keyboard shortcut. If you use the shortcut keys CONTROL + T this will add a basic text layer, colored purple, wherever you have your playhead. The words “Title” will appear on your video clip and you can simply double-click to change your text and maneuver it however you would like. You can even add video transitions or keyframes to customize it however you like!