VISTA Landscape Lightroom Presets

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The VISTA Landscape Lightroom Presets are created to offer stunning and unique looks for your photos and make your photos truly eye-catching.



Landscape photography is a great way to be introduced to photography and many have great careers that come from it. It can however be difficult for your photos to stand out and look unique. This is where your specific editing style comes in. In this collection of Landscape Lightroom Photography Presets, I have compiled my most used looks specially used for Landscape and Seascape photos. These looks include some of your classic landscape looks that can give you a great base to start your creativity flowing but it also includes others that give unique color and curves looks.

These Presets are easy to use and work with both RAW and JPEG images (we do recommend using these with RAW images if possible as you have more flexibility with exposure adjustments). These Presets are delivered in XMP file format and are compatible with Adobe Lightroom as well as Camera RAW. If you are new to using Lightroom Presets, you will also receive Installation Instructions included with your download.


16 Landscape-Inspired Lightroom Presets  /  XMP File Type  /   Compatible with Adobe Lightroom  /  Compatible with Adobe Camera RAW  /  Works with RAW and JPEG Images  /  Compatible with MacOS and PC  /  Instant Download