The internet is full glitch transitions but did you know you can easily great your own? Don’t get me wrong, some of the glitch transitions you can purchase are great but you can easily create one that is unique to make your videos stand out. In this video we will show you how!

Adding the Transition

To pull this effect off, you will first need to download a glitch stock video clip. This can be done by searching any number of free stock video sites but if you would like to download the one used in this tutorial, click here. If you are going to use another from a different site, be sure to find one with a black background.

Now that we have our transition clip, you can drag it into Final Cut Pro and place it on top of the 2 clips you are wanting to add the transition. You will need to trim the clip down to around 1-2 seconds so the transition is super long.

Next, “blade” or cut your video clips where the transition starts and stops. This will create 2 very short clips that you will need to add a effect to as it will “sell” the effect even more. For this smaller clips, you will want to search your effects library and find the Bad TV video effect. Add this effect to those smaller clips and change the amount of the effect to around 40.

Adding Sound Effects

The last step to this transition is to add sound. This is a step that alot of editors seem to forget or neglect. You can find many different glitch effects pretty much anywhere online, but the best places I have seen with a huge selection are royalty music sites like Uppbeat or but you can also find them on YouTube. Find the sound effect you prefer and add it right below the transition you just added. Now you have created a free and rather convincing, glitch transition!