The Complete LUTs 3D Collection

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The Complete LUTs Lounge Collection of 32 Cinematic Assets for Your Videos and Photos along with easy to follow installation.


Cinema Noir LUTs

The Cinema Noir LUTs collection includes 8 cinematic style LUTs that will give your videos or photos a unique and trendy look. These looks include Bronze, Burst, Draft, Goga, Havana, Sin, Stark, and Vintage.

CineMimic Hollywood LUTs

The CineMimic LUTs collection includes 8 movie-inspired LUTs from some of Hollywood’s most visually appealing films. These looks are inspired but movies such as The Matrix, Mad Max, Joker, John Wick, and more.

Dark and Moody LUTs

Ever videographer and photographer will tell you the best photos and videos are the ones that create a mood. The Dark and Moody Cinematic LUTs are specially designed to accomplish just that! This collection of 8 LUTs will invoke emotion that will leave a lasting impression.

Beatnik Hipster LUTs

Sleek and modern looks are what the Beatnik Hipster Cinematic LUTs collection. This collection of 8 Cinematic LUTs will give you some of the stylish and eye-catching looks that you see around the even, especially YouTube. You will also receive user instructions that will show you how to use these LUTs in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Photoshop.

CLEAN Natural and Modern Cinematic LUTs

Color effects are great for styling videos and photos but sometimes you want a natural look. These CLEAN Cinematic LUTs gives you the perfect natural look.

Stories Vintage and Retro Cinematic 3D LUTs

Bring back the retro looks that are becoming more popular on social media with the Stories Vintage Cinematic 3D LUTs.


All LUTs collections include 4 different files (.3DL, .CSP, .CUBE, .ICC) that will suit almost any video or photo editor. They are compatible with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop, and any other editor that accepts 3D LUT files.





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