So you just spent about $2,000 on your BlackMagic Pocket 4K or 6K and now you are looking for some accessories to customize it for your specific workflow. In this article, we have gathered some of the essential accessories you need for your new camera to really make it perform at its best.

SMALLRIG BlackMagic Pocket 4K & 6K Cage

Out fo all the accessories you can get for your BlackMagic Pocket the cage is probably the most important! This extremely useful cage allows you to attach many other accessories (which we will cover later) to your camera to really customize it. It also can act as an offset plan for when you are using a gimbal such as a DJI Ronin S.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD – 1TB

Even though Samsung T5 SSD is a part of this accessories list, I would really classify it as a must-have. Whether you are planning to record in BlackMagic RAW or ProRes, unless you are going to buy a ton of cFast or SD cards, you are going to need something with a bit more space. I opted for a portable 1TB SSD as this gives be about an hour and a half of record time if shooting in 4K ProRes HQ. the T5 is also on the BlackMagic supported hard dive list so you can be sure that it will not give you any problems while recording. You can opt for the 2TB model but unless you are going to be recording a ton of long-form , the 1TB version should be enough.

CAMVATE SSD Mount Bracket for Samsung T5

If you take my recommendation of getting the Samsung T5 SSD, you are going to need a mount to go with it. The great thing about this mount is it is meant to work perfectly with the T5 SSD as well as the SMALLRIG cage.

DJI Ronin-S Gimbal

Another accessory for the BlackMagic Pocket that I would consider a must-have is the DJI Ronin S. Having used this gimbal for over 2 years almost everyday, it is essential for getting smooth shots as well as extremely portable. It is also strong enough to support the weight of the BlackMagic Pocket and its accessories.

RODE VideoMic Pro+

The BlackMagic Pockey 4K/6K has good sound qualty built-in to the camera already but you will find a time that you will need “more than good”. This is espesically true with it comes to run and gun or even close interviews. The RODE VideoMic Pro+ is a fantastic shotgun microphone than can be plugged directly into the BlackMagic so you wont have to worry about external recorders and syning audio later.

Canon LP-E6N High Capacity Battery

With all of the amazing features and fantastic video that the BlackMagic has, one of its main downfalls is battery life. The BMP is a battery killer and this is universally known. Even if you are going to opt for an external power source down the road, you probably still need extra batteries for your kit. If you are a professional Canon shooter, you probably already have some of the LP-E6N batteries lying around but I would still probably get more.

SMALLRIG Top Handle Grip

One of the last and lesser known accessories is a simple handle grip for the top of your SMALLRIG cage. Even if you have a DJI Ronin S or any other type gimbal, I would still recommend getting a handle as you wont always want to carry around a huge gimbal setup to get your shots. An example of this would be if you were shooting an action sequence and you need a scene to show motion. If you use your Ronin and get smooth shots it will look a bit off. If you place the handle on the top of your rig and shoot it that way, you can still get those “hurried” action scenes but still have less jitter.



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