During these troubling times, we are all going through with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a great time to start working on personal video projects while we are all at home. Here is a list of 5 different projects you could consider to fill up your time and

Make a Commercial

This personal project is one of my favorites because it gives you the freedom to choose any product. It can be something as simple as a candy bar or as complex as a Playstation 4. Another option, and a more fun option I might add, is to take a friend or spouse with you to a grocery store or market and have them pick out a product for you to make a commercial about. This can backfire if they choose something that is off-the-wall but it is a good challenge.

Edit Your Own TV Show Opening

truth in smoke

It might sound a bit specific but a potential easy project to practice your editing creativity is to create your own TV show opening. I recently did this only using stock footage for a fictional show called Truth in Smoke. I created this because I was inspired by a recent show I started watching and wanted to create something similar. I used stock footage but you could also get your own footage as well.

Stock up on B-Roll

This project is a bit more simple but it isn’t for everyone. If you are not one of those editors that have their own stock library this might interest you. Since these projects are meant for those stuck at home, this is the opportunity to get a variety of stock footage from around your house or neighborhood. It could be b-roll of cars driving on the road, leaves blowing in the wind, sunsets and sunrises, etc. If you get enough high-quality stock footage, you could also upload them on stock sites to try and make some passive income.

Start to Finish

“Start to Finish” is another one of my favorite projects. This is typically done in the food genre but it can really be done with anything. Basically you film the process of making or doing something from start to finish. It can be filing the process of baking and decorating a cupcake or you can film what it takes to change the oil in your car. There really is no limit on topics in this project and it’s up to you to get as creative with how you shoot. For inspiration, you can check out Daniel Schiffer’s YouTube channel to see his take on the project.

Right and Produce a Short Film

For this project, you probably be working it for a while but it can have a great payoff at the end. Even you are not a writer this can be a wonderful way to get more familiar with the process of how Indie and Hollywood films are made. These films don’t have to be really long either. They can be as short as 5 minutes and up to 15 or 20 minutes. It’s really up to you and the story you write! For inspiration with this type of project, you can check out Triune Films. The make great indie short films with great stories behind them.



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